Beautiful Villa, with guest house, lots of space, full gym academy, modern, cozy

Beautiful Villa, with guest house, lots of space, full gym academy, modern, cozy



A joint

juin 2015


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4 chambres
Couchages 10
4 salles de bain

Notre maison

My house is a country side house style. We just refurbished and made a renovation in every room two months ago, so it is smelling fresh, new, cozy.
It is a very comfortable house, all furniture is brand new.
Like most of the country side houses in the area, we have a fairly large garden. We have a Stone Swimming pool to refresh us at summer time, and built-in braai (barbeque) facilities are, of course, mandatory.
The house has three bedrooms, one master suite with an exclusive bathroom with Jacuzzi, one TV room, and one guest room with a sofa bed.
In the garden we have a guest apartment, with lots of space, and a private bedroom, queen bed, lots of mattress and
lots of gym equipment. A full academy to work out.
I have an American style kitchen, with all useful equipment of a modern house. All new.
A dining room, and a very cozy room to receive guests and watch TV too.
We have two big digital TV.
We have internet, wifi.
We have cable TV, with many channels in many languages.

We have everything you need to feel good, cook, rest, enjoy.

Here is extremely calm, very very safe, no violence, no crime, a very quiet small city, mostly of the citizens leave the doors opened, windows opened, we have security cameras too.

We have wash machine with drier, and we have a maid who comes to
clean the house two, or three times a week, she cleans, she does the laundry and she iron our clothes.

We can also provide somebody for a very good price to cook for you, country side home made delicious food.

A cleaner for all day will cost like USD 20,00.

You also can find a nice gentleman to cut the grass paying only USD 30,00 for a long day.

Everything is so cheap around here that you will declare yourself
"lazy", life here is like "DOLCE FAR NIENTE ".

In Brazil, with our identity card we can get the certificate of criminal records daily. It can be updated daily, which brings a lot of peace for all.

In Brazil, we can prove our financial stability, our profession, with our income tax.
My husband and I own several university courses;
I have five Bachelor’s Degrees (complete: 4 years each).
We have a lot of experience in caring for animals of all kinds; we love animals and have a lot on our farm.
And we are very honorable people.
We have a house in the city of São Paulo, but the city is very chaotic city with much traffic and stress.
Most of the time we were in our home in our city that looks Switzerland, small, quiet with great quality of life.

Here we have a farm where we are certified with the best international labels such as organic producers. Also our animals are treated generously, with love, and without toxic drugs, our milk is organic, our meat is organic, our water is mineral, and our fish are not contaminated. We have a lot of experience with organic garden, gardening; we made hundreds of courses on ecological way to take care of everything, plants and animals. We are biodynamic and organic producers. All our experience in the field is more than 30 years. We passed from generation to generation.

We are a couple that always worked hard, with many sacrifices, because our country is very full of taxes, violence and a lot of corruption, despite being a natural paradise.
Now we got the range of the fifties and could not have children, although we care for all the children of our friends, employees and poor children in our society, we want to realize our childhood dreams and get to know the world.

I could always travel a lot for work, but we want is to experience the culture of your country, learn about food, about local habits, learn the language and make good friends because we are the type of people who have collected great friendships, and like to write charts and tell our stories.

We are totally passionate about animals. And we believe wholeheartedly that every animal loves us as his real parents. And it is in this way that we treat all animals that have, as their real parents, with much love, care, and affection. We learned a lot from veterinarians who regularly visit us, because as we explained we are certified internationally, and even our animals need to be inspected several times a year. They are best treated by homeopaths and professional naturalists.
We just use medicines only with extreme need. Animals need a lot of love, care, fun, and always have health in harmony. We use AYURVEDA in all aspects of our life.
Organic food, natural medicines, natural life.
We plant our food, most of what we eat.

On the farm we have more than ten dogs, over ten cats and six horses to ride.

Some horses are for farm work, we raise cows, bulls, calves, and sheeps and goats, lots of rabbits, and chickens, roosters, ducks, swans, all kinds of birds, and we also have our free friends who visit us with frequency as monkeys, foxes, even one ounce from time to time. Everything here lives in balance and harmony.

Pardon me for writing so much, we have videos, photos, and all documents that you need to read.


Apprenez plus sur nous-mêmes

  1. Hello!!! Please first of all we want you to receive our warm Brazilian HUG, (WE PRACTISE HUGGING THERAPY in people and pets) wishing you the best in life.
    [Hugging therapy is definitely a powerful way of healing. Research shows that hugging (and also laughter) is extremely effective at healing sickness, disease, loneliness, depression, anxiety and stress.

    There is a saying by Virginia Satir, a respected family therapist, “We need four hugs a day for survival. We need eight hugs a day for maintenance. We need twelve hugs a day for growth.”

    We wrote you a huge letter, because we are afraid that you cannot trust us because we live too far away from you in distance.
    I am LIGIA, I am 50th years old, and JORGE my husband is 54th.

    I am an University Professor, Journalist, Writer, Lawyer, Social Worker; I speak many languages [English, Spanish, Italian, basic French, basic Japanese], just trying to explain that I AM A NERD. I am a very calm and quiet lady, who loves to teach, learn, and read.

    My husband is an Electrical Engineer, specialized in Natural Energy, Solar Energy, and Clean Energy.
    We are retired, with very flexible available time. We have a house in Sao Paulo, we have a house in the country side, and a house at our farm. (100 hectares).
    We are also International Certified Organic and Biodynamic Farmers (USDA, and many labels) (organic coffee, organic milk, organic meat, organic vegetables, organic fruits, jams, etc.)
    My best reference in UK is a wonderful lady who I worked with as a carer Mrs. Celeste Dandeker Arnold.
    She can tell you who I am. And you will be happy to know that after so many years I worked for her, we are still friends, I love her very much, she was my best teacher in life.
    I have excellent references in USA and Canada too.
    I have EUROPEAN PASSPORT. I am half Italian/half Brazilian. European manners and education.

    We are also {REIKI MASTERS}.
    We are also adopted to our lives and our pets the Ayurvedic medicine -- also known as Ayurveda -- is one of the world's oldest holistic (whole-body) healing systems. It was developed thousands of years ago in India.
    [It is based on the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit.

    How far do you go to dream a dream??

    Distance is not a problem to us, other way round is the solution to accomplish our dreams...

    We love to go far, to learn about places that we see just in photos...

    I am not so young, but I remember when I lived in London a message like that:

    "Good girls go to Heaven, but Bad girls go to Everywhere.....” making a joke,
    I think I am a kind of bad 50 this is possible???

    Just saying that we need to go FAR... to accomplish dreams of an entire life....

    Your place, your city, your Universe, looks so wonderful to us, to me...

    And to have lovely pet/pets around me to give me love...I am the one also who need a lot OF CARE, ATTENTION, and infinite LOVE.....


    Thank you so much for having time to read our offer to home and pet sitting.


    We really would like to have a chance to show the nice people we are.

    Please keep in mind that we live in a country that unfortunately don´t give us the chance to have quality of life, we are too far away from culture, museums, art galleries, history, nice book shops with books in many languages, and we are too far away from good theater performances.

    We just dream with all of it, we don´t want to leave this life without the opportunity to enjoy the Impressionists views, to make friends in different countries, to understand the history, culture, food, music from all over the world.

    I (we) still don´t have stars, because I'm new to this site. BUT I (we) HAVE A BIG HEART.
    Excellent references at AIRBNB website, and from all our home sittings and pet sittings on last thirty years.

    Not having STARS still on this site does not mean that I do not deserve my profile to be read because I have great real people references. I do pet sitting and sitting home for thirty years, and always had good experiences.
    I made new friends, lasting to this day and they always invite me to repeat our experience together.

    It seems incredible that I come all this way to take care of their home and their pets. But you must understand that I live in a country whose currency is very, very weak against the dollar, the euro, and the sterling pound.
    To take a trip, we need to save years and years and years, in a very severe form.



Where is it?

Votre Quartier

The best supermarket just one block away.
Bakery one block away, post office two blocks away, all banks two blocks away,
shops, restaurants, just one block away.

We live in the center of the city. You don´t need a car to be at the city, but you will need a car to enjoy the many paradise places we have around.

To have a wonderful home made lunch you will pay around of USD 10,00 per person....

Of course if don´t walk you will gain lots of kilos..... smiles...

Waterfalls, lakes, fishing, all kind of sports.

There are so many choices, and you will think that you need more time to enjoy everything.

We have plenty of touristic places, for all ages.

And don´t worry, all the places are safe, clean, full of nice people to make friendship.

Ask me more...

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